Friday, June 27, 2008

Monsoons have arrived!

Tucson had the first storm of the 2008 Monsoon season yesterday and it came fast and furious as it usually does. The picture is downtown, and the streets were so flooded I was glad to get home from work.
Everything will really green up now that the rains are here and that includes the weeds! I am going to have quite a time keeping up with them in some parts of my yard but the wonderful rain and cooler temperatures are worth it.
The only thing I dread are the huge Palo Verde beetles that inevitably come up in my backyard- they are HUGE! I'll try and get a picture of one to post but I sure which they would just stay away as they give me the creeps.


Northern Shade said...

I did a double take, after reading your blog title and seeing the flood picture. The cactus will be sucking up and storing all that moisture now. Either that or rotting. I hope those giant beetles eat other insects and not your plants. Are they carnivores?

Dee said...

The desert is an amazing place, and certainly not all sand and heat!
I'm not sure what those beetles eat after they come out of the ground- it seems they feed underground on the roots of my poor tree and then come out to mate, lay eggs and die!