Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shades of pink

Here are pink roses that seem to bloom all year on the side of my house-
If you look closely at the leaf by the unopened bud you can see where "something" is munching on little circles of leaf- When I first discovered this I thought there must be some type of worm or bug eating them but after checking them at all hours- I haven't found a thing! Good thing because I am not sure how well I would take to picking bugs off plants- the day may come when I do this but I haven't had to yet! I think I might have leaf-cutter bees coming to visit- from what I've found on the internet they cut away pieces of leaf, and roll them into a tube shape to line the entrance to their nests! Interesting huh- and supposedly they don't really hurt the roses!

The tiny Pink and White blooms on the cholla are so delicate and pretty- a big contrast to those scary thorns!


Hootin' Anni said...

We used to live in Arizona with cholla all over the place...but I swear I've never seen any this color, ours were yellow or a dark, dark orange.

My GTS is posted for today, hope you can stop by for a visit. Have a glorious day.

No Rain said...

Do you know the name of the rose? It is such a beautiful pink, I'd like to get one. I have three roses in pink shades now, but I really like this one. Do you have it planted in sun or shade? I put mine in sun, and the roses have been kind of burnt on the edges, but when I bought them, I was told they must get full sun in morning and part of the afternoon. It seems a bit much so far.
Happy GTS,

Dee said...

Anni: Perhaps it is all the "bird blood" this particular Cholla has consumed over the years! :)

Aiyana: I don't now what kind of rose this is- it was planted by a previous owner but the pink really seems almost fluorescent and they bloom bloom bloom despite my ineptness! Just now though I was out and confirmed that it really is bees attacking the leaves- I caught one in action!
It is planted right next to the house with a mostly north exposure so mostly in the shade with short times in the sun. It has a yellow colored twin and although I've planted others in the last two years, only a couple have lived to bloom so far. I read that I shouldn't be trying bare root roses in this part of the country so I'll have to give it another shot because that is what I've had so far.

happybunny said...

How amazing that the Cholla produces such a pretty flower - what an amazing plant...........
have enjoyed reading your blog - its really interesting - will visit again soon..