Monday, June 30, 2008

They're Back- Palo Verde Beetles

The monsoon rains bring so much to the summer here, it is hard to complain, but they also bring the one insect I really dread! On the whole, there are not that many bugs here- compared to other areas of the country I have lived in.
However the bugs we have here in the desert are some mighty big bugs- That's a golf ball in the picture for size reference!

The Palo Verde Beetle
shows up in my backyard where I have a nice sized Palo Verde tree that does seem to be a bit stressed in spite of having enough water. I worry I will come home some day to the tree up-ended and a mass of bugs in the hole. They come up through the ground and fly around- I did manage to get this picture of one the other night as he tried to run into a pile of debris. The little dog Puffin alerted me that there was a backyard invader! These bugs drive my dogs crazy- they are out there sniffing around during the day- and if I let them out at night they bark non-stop when they find a bug.

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