Sunday, August 3, 2008

Visit to a local nursery

I stopped by a local nursery, Harlow Gardens, last Saturday, and thought I would share some pictures. I was especially drawn to the metal garden art- I love the flying pigs but they were too pricey for my budget!
The fig tree was also really cool- something I would love to try. I was amazed by the huge fruit on such small tree. I ended up bringing home a new Lantana to try (Dallas Red) and an African Iris, which they said would do well in my hard to grow shady area. Most of their plants come from Monrovia in CA and they seem to be very high quality. I was really impressed with the employees knowledge of the plants they were selling- I guess I've bought way too many plants at the big box places, and am used to them not having a clue about what they sell. Although the prices were a little higher it seems worth it for the higher quality plants and good customer service.

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Lythrum said...

I *love* seeing "foreign" nurseries. I really, really need that rooster for my garden. :)