Sunday, September 14, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday- Angel Trumpets

I completely fell in love with this plant yesterday at the nursery. It is a Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet).

When I got home and started reading about them I discovered they are very poisonous and have actually been the cause of some teenage deaths due to them ingesting the flowers, in an attempt to get the hallucinogenic effects. Evidentially they were used by Indians of ancient cultures as well for this same reason. I seem to run into quite a few of my favorite plants being poisonous- the Mescal Bean trees have that quality too.

Regardless they are beautiful and the scent is amazing. The blooms smell a little like baby powder to me, with an exotic fruity smell crossed in with it. Truly heavenly!

The Angels Trumpet is good down to 10 degrees so it should winter just fine here, and since they like a little shade, I can plant it on the side of the house near the bird sanctuary and it should do well there. It looks like this comes in many other colors as well- oh no! Here I go again!

Happy Green Thumb Sunday everyone!
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Aiyana said...

I had no idea that Angel Trumpet would grow here in AZ. I've seen photos of them on other blogs, but just assumed they were not for this climate as I never saw any in the nurseries. Can you describe the scent? Spicy? Sweet? I would guess spicy!
Aiyana (writing from Denver)

Denise said...

This is a fascinating flower and I loved your photos and description of it.

Dee said...

I was really surprised when I saw that it was hardy down to 10 degrees- it does seem like such a tropical beauty! I still haven't planted it- the blooms are so beautiful and I don't want them to drop from transplant shock. I've cleared out a nice spot for it in filtered light under the Olive tree and hopefully it will do well there, but haven't gotten it in the ground yet. The blooms smell so much like babies- or baby powder, but there is a light fruity scent in there too, sweeter than spicy.
It also seems like it might be night blooming- the blooms are definitely droopier during the day and come out full force at night.

Bengbeng said...

this is the first time ih have seen this. it is lovely

mr_subjunctive said...

The first time I saw a Brugmansia in bloom, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for a good half-hour. Had no idea such things existed.

I don't have any, still, because I hear they're spider mite magnets indoors. But someday. . . .