Sunday, September 21, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday- Late summer blooms and baby cactus!

The pale peach dahlias are blooming all the time these days, but the pink one next to it, hasn't given me a single bloom yet! I seem to have better luck with orange shaded blooms over pink somehow! The Angel Trumpet is still in glorious bloom- the scent is amazing! I still haven't planted it though- I am nervous beyond belief about this one.

I just planted this "Mexican Petunia" the other day, in the big area in the front of my house. I try and keep drought tolerant plants in this area, and this one should spread and do really well without a huge amount of water, once it gets established.

Another Hibiscus bloom- I know I've shown them so many times but I never get tired of seeing them- With the yellow and red tipped stamen they appear other worldly to me! This little tangerine one is prolific bloomer but my pink hibiscus is stingy with her blooms!

The first buds are starting to form on my "Red Rocket" Crepe Myrtle! Another new addition to the big front area. I have 3 Crepe Myrtle now, and all are small and recently started. One pink (Centennial Spirit) , one white (Natchez) and this Red Rocket which will have red blooms of course.

Baja Fairy Duster: The summer has been good to this little plant, and that whole top shoot with the 3 flowers is new growth. I counted 11 flowers at one time- this little guy just blooms and blooms!

My night blooming cactus (a Cereus I think?) has also been a constant bloomer, with a bud in progress at all times. The first pictures shows the latest bloom, just as it started to open at night, and then the next morning before it started to close.

These last three were a big surprise for me. Babies showing up in the Parodia that was the subject of my very first Green Thumb Sunday! And are the babies not the sweetest little things you've ever seen? I had no idea that cactus babies started out with a set of leaves like these have! These 3 are my first Parodia babies and am I ever proud!

Well that sums up the week in my desert garden. What is blooming in yours?

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Chrisss said...

Beautiful garden. You're doing a great job gardening in the desert :-)

Lythrum said...

I love your dahlias, they are a favorite of mine. :) I think the babies are adorable too. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Aiyana said...

Hi Dee,
I've never seen this happen with Parodia before. Were you trying to sow the seed, or did seed just fall into the pot from a fruit? Looks like all your plants are doing well. I'm cleaning up from the intense summer. I lost quite a few lantana, bush morning glory, and even a few cacti.My small fig tree has only a couple of leaves left on it. All the rest were fried. I sure hope it comes back.
I think I'm going to have to change my watering schedule!

verobirdie said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog. Your garden is beautiful, full of plants I'd love to see in mine!

Northern Shade said...

The flower on the night blooming cactus is beautiful. That is worth staying out after dusk to see.

Julie said...

Isn't that interesting ..the set of leaves on the baby cactus! Who woulda known??? LOL. Very cool...makes me want to get seeds right now!

Your Baja Fairy Duster is the color splash!

The Tile Lady said...

How exciting that you have a baby cactus! And I love the cactus bloom, and the Baja Feather duster! All of your plants are just wonderful!

Dee said...

Aiyana, what should happen with Parodia? Do you think these might be something else? I sure didn't sprinkle seeds deliberately but it could have happened with the wind- it sure has blown around here lately!