Sunday, October 26, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday- Birthing rocks!

My Fall garden keeps popping up with wonders every day! One of the very coolest are the little rocks that appear to be giving birth! I bought these 3 Split Rock (Pleiospilos nelii) plants last Spring, and the first few months I had them they were getting eaten by something. The dark spots were little holes that looked like they had been pecked by a bird. I moved the pot to a more protected area, and the attacks stopped. The protected area also kept them from getting too much water I think.
I noticed the other day that they are starting to split. The new leaves emerge and as they do the outer ones shrink and dry. The cycle continues, with new leaves replacing the old each year. I believe these also produce pretty flowers, but I haven't had mine long enough to see if I am lucky enough to get any.
I haven't had the best of luck with some of the succulents I've tried- well to be honest, it is most certainly my fault that some have died. I've not always been the best steward, and though some of my plants seem to thrive on my ineptness, succulents are definitely pickier all the way around. I am slowly learning that less is more when it comes to watering some plants. I even purchased a moisture meter, so I am not completely in the dark about what is needed.

The next two pictures are of a new succulent that was given to me a week or so ago. If anyone can help with an ID on this that would be great! My neighbor brought it over- it was thriving on total neglect in their backyard so I hope my loving care doesn't do it in!

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Aiyana said...

Glad to see you back to posting! The Split Rock is growing new leaves, and as it does, it will consume the fat outer leaves. It shouldn't be watered during that time unless it has been unusually dry. If water at all, it should be very light. I'm no expert though, I've never been able to keep these alive for any length of time. They are so picky about moisture and sun exposure.

Deborah Godin said...

Don't know about your 'mystery plant' - I'm too much in wonder about the split rock one right now. Looks quite charming and a little extra-terrestrial, too!

Julie said...

My best guess on your mystery succulent would be a Senecio crassissimus. I'm so happy your having success with your split rock. Mine did great outside in full sun with only rainfall watering. Once I changed that, it died.

The Tile Lady said...

Awesome succulents! That first one is particularly fascinating! Glad you are beginning to have more success with it.

I have given you an award! Hope you will come by my blog and retrieve it, and then pass it on to others. It is for Fabulous Fall Deco, but see what I wrote about you! :-) Thanks again! Hope you make some new blogger friends from it, too....Take care--

Pepsis said...

Mystery plant:

It is in the Graptopetalum genus or possibly a Graptoveria (hybrid with Echiveria). You can confirm this when it blooms by the spots or irregular markings on the petals (Graptopetalum means spotted petal). If it were a Senicio obviously it would have composit flowers.