Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saga of the Spiders: Chapter 1: NYC Spiders move to Tucson

Early last October, two little spiders arrived at my home in Tucson, via the US Mail. These two cute little guys, had journeyed clear the way from my wonderful, dear friends home in NYC, where they had so far lived all of their short lives in her warm and cozy kitchen. I promptly planted them both, in outdoor pots, as the weather was still very warm, and I don't have much luck with houseplants. The picture below, shows them both, newly planted.
October passed and one of them remained upright and frisky, mingling in with all the other plants and enjoying the company of the exotic pointy plants he discovered around him. The other though, was wilty and sad, and didn't want to mix with the other plants, but moped a little more as each night got a little colder.
Sometime mid November I brought the wilty one inside, gave him a nice glass of water with some rocks to twirl new roots into. I placed him on the sill of a window with a view out to the other plants, and he settled right into his solitary new home. I'll keep him in water for awhile, and let the new roots get strong, then maybe next Spring when it warms up he can join the hardy crowd outside!
Here are pictures of the two of them!


Digital Flower Pictures said...

I came over from Skywatch but will comment here. The colors on the Sky pictures were amazing and they did look like paletts of color.

I loved the plants in your posts. You are so lucky to able to grow all those plants outside. I am seriously jealous.

Julie said...

I keep my spider plants in a shaded area. The tips always burn for me in full sun. Congrats on getting some NY beauties!!! :)

Deborah Godin said...

It never fails to amaze me, seeing plants that I know as "indoor potted only" being grown in your garden. It's similar to the first time I visited Florida, and saw poinsettias blooming along the driveway in the "off season"! Although now that I'm in a warmer climate, I might have better luck with plants. When I lived in Alberta, there was only one gardening zone colder - Alaska and the Yukon!

Aiyana said...

Hope the little guy makes it. I've had to bring in a few of my plants and it's still in the 40s at night. I don't have any more room, but I know a few more will have to come in soon. I think I'm going to have to break down and get a small greenhouse, or else give up some of my collection!