Saturday, December 27, 2008

Brrrrrrrr- Winter in the desert

After quite a few false warnings, it seems winter has finally arrived. Although the morning is dawning sunny with bright blue skies the mountain caps have a frosting of the white stuff, and there was frost on the ground and plants this morning. The bird bath had turned into a skating rink, and the little birds were walking around on it, pecking away at the ice. I took hot water out and melted it for them. They are out there in droves today, heartily enjoying easy access to food during such cold weather.

The picture below was taken with the camera zoomed over my neighbors rooftops. My normal picture taking view of the mountains is a bit lower, and those remain snow-less.

I read somewhere that pansies will last till 15-20 degrees. I am sure it didn't get much below freezing so I wonder if these will come back when it warms up. The blossoms were frozen beauties this morning.

The pictures below were taken yesterday, when it was not real cold yet, but it had been raining off and on most of the day. The Purple trailing Lantana were planted late last summer and only really started to bloom late this fall. I am hoping they survive the cold temperatures. I really like the way the leaves of this plant turn dark with the cold. The leaves almost have a blue violet color to them, that is very attractive with the lighter purple blooms.

The little Baja Fairy Duster has been a trooper and a non-stop bloomer. The few open blooms look a bit bedraggled in the rain. The second picture shows the seed pod forming.

And my ever hopeful Hydrangea. The leaves have become even more varied with the cold weather.

Here is the Aloe I posted about earlier. The flower stalk continues to shoot out, with multiple flower heads. It is the oddest looking thing, and I watch it every day to see what happens. It is slow growing though-and I hope it still continues to bloom, even with the colder weather.

I am looking forward to the new year, and warmer weather. Winter is short in Arizona so Spring isn't far away.
With 2009 just around the corner I wish everyone a safe and happy 2009!


Deborah Godin said...

Oh, those dear little pansies with their heads bowed in the cold -I hope the winter weather doesn't do to much damage! Some plants almost seem to be able to ignore it, though. Nice that you have some color even in the winter. I've been getting pretty tired of all the gray I've been posting lately. Thank goodness for Christmas colors.

Leenie said...

I have been in Phoenix for Christmas and really enjoyed the break from our icebox weather. I didn't know Tucson got that cold! Best wishes for your garden's survival.

Julie said...

You still have some pretties in your garden! It is hard to look at the frozen pansies. I guess it is hard for me to see any flower or plant frozen, since that never happens here!!!
:) Julie

Aiyana said...

Aloes are for the most part impervious to the weather, unless it gets into the low 20s. This is their time to send up flower stalks, and all mine have started except for the Coral Aloe. I see some little thing peeking out of the base but it's too early to tell if it's a new leaf or a flower stalk.
We're about 10 degrees warmer than Tucson--good thing in the winter--not so good in the summer!

Claude said...

hello... you posted on my blog back in September... I don't have any idea why it took me so long to get back! The Pansy's will be fine, I've seen them covered with snow here in Texas, and they pop right back. I was looking through the blog, and I must say you have a beautiful garden... Claude

Aiyana said...

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!