Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter is coming to Tucson

Winter is finally coming to Tucson Arizona. The temps outside are dropping quickly, I think we lost 5 degrees in the last hour. There is a Winter Weather advisory out, and snow is forecast in the mountains, and perhaps in the valley as well, although it probably won't stick around long if it does snow here. In Tucson we have an incredible view of the Santa Catalina Mountains, and when a storm comes the visions of snow capped mountains are beautiful. Below is my view of these mountains, looking out to the North from my home, they are almost completely covered in clouds. After the storm, I am betting, the clouds will lift and I'll get my first view of snow for the season.

With the cold coming in I am starting to feel a little panic at what will die if we get freezing temps here in town. Of course I knew this had to happen eventually, and hopefully even if a freeze takes the green, the roots will be OK and the plant will grow again when it warms up. I also bought a HUGE "planket" that I will use to cover the potted cacti and succulents. I have brought them all in under the protected patio area and will cover them up if the temperature gets below 40.

A few final pictures to say good-bye. I've a feeling this cold weather is going to change the look of my garden very soon.

The snail plant with 3 blooms open- I bet in a day or two they are gone though-wiped out by the cold weather coming our way!

The two stray sunflowers are still standing but they will probably be another winter casualty.

Although there are more un-opened buds on both Hibiscus plants, I doubt I'll see another go through the entire cycle- bud- open flower- dried flower on the plant. This year anyway!

Here is wishing the cold won't be quite so cold and all the tender plants survive and bloom again! Happy Green Thumb Sunday- please visit other participating blogs by clicking on the links in my Green Thumb Sunday Blogroll, or to join in yourself please visit "As The Garden Grows".


Sioux said...

Wow, I had no idea the temps got that low out your way. The photos are lovely.

Deborah Godin said...

I gues living where you do , it's kind of a possibility to get really cold. I hope your lovely garden doesn't suffer too badly.

Aiyana said...

Love your header photo!
I've been in Denver the last few days--now that's what I call cold! (1 degree most of the day.) I need to move my potted cacti under the covered patio. I just hope it didn't get under 40 while I was gone. I'm more concerned about the rain forecast--if those cacti get wet, I'll lose more than through low temps! One thing about our weather--spring is really quite close. Probably just about 8 weeks away!

Cheryl said...

Your mountains look like ours and they just got snow down to about 3,000 feet! The mountain road is closed and I can't get up to see my horses! They are in good hands, though!

ramblingwoods said...

Nice to see plants still growing somewhere...