Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feels like Spring...I want it to be Spring...does that mean it is Spring?

The weather here has been quite warm- in the 70s during the day and the low 40s at night. It really does feel like Spring is here, and although I know it can, and probably will get cold again, and we could even have some nights that dip down to freezing, Spring really is pretty close here in Arizona. I have had a few plants die back even though I've been covering many of them on the coldest nights. However I do have a few blooming things along with the dead and brown!
The Mammillaria (muehlenpfordtii) cactus seems to do really well with the sunshine we've been having and her ring of flowers pops out beautifully in the afternoons. There are a few flowers a little lower and the smaller heads on the plant are showing flowers coming up as well.

The little "Thimble Cactus" is also still blooming with the old blooms turning into tiny red fruits- at least I think that is what they are. They are visible on the little cactus in the back of this clump of three.

This "living rock" plant has me on pins and needles wondering if the odd little protusion is going to be a bloom. I've seen pictures of these when they bloom and they are awesome so I am especially anxious to see if mine is going to bloom.

This little "Black Tree" , (Aeonium, arboreum var) is one of my favorite little succulants. It just glows in the sunshine.

And more Pansies- tiny ones this time. I love the orange and purple color combination. I am getting quite a collection of dried pansy blooms now.

Happy Green Thumb Sunday! How many more days till Spring now?

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Julie said...

OMG! YOur succulents all look just wonderful! I have never seen a Pleiospilos nelii (living rock) have some many "parts" to it...usually when mine made a split, the other two would die and shrivel up! It looks so healthy...I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will have some blooms!!!

Deborah Godin said...

What a strange (and I mean that in the sense of 'wondrous') and beautiful garden you do have! Cactus maidens wearing wreathes of flowers on their heads, and odd little plants that look like...squid beak or something...?! And tuffi-frutti pansies - delightful, everything!!

Aiyana said...

I am so surprised to see your Pleiospilos nelii getting ready to bloom! They usually do that in the fall.
Also, your Mamm having flowers already is also unusual. So is having a few blooms lower on the stem. Flowers form only on new growth, so that cactus must have gone to town this past year!
Everything looks great. I'm wondering if we're in for a late frost since we've had such mild temps all winter. I hope not. Too many things are starting to bud out.

Dee said...

Thanks for your comments. Julie, my other living rocks all follow the same pattern as yours, but this one had multiple leaves when I bought it and although the oldest ones are a bit soft, not as soft as expected.
Aiyana- I think my plants are confused! The Mamm has been from pot to ground back to pot within the last year.

deserthorses5 said...

I hear ya! My acacias are all blooming right now! My sunflowers are growing like weeds! I fear a frost in February or March, however! Come check out my desert blog:
Cheryl Ann