Friday, January 23, 2009

A little pink on a rainy day

I have had exactly one bloom on my little Christmas Cactus, and it opened up yesterday, which turned out to be a very rainy day here in Tucson. It was a soft winter rain, and even with the rain, the temperatures were still fairly warm. This cactus was given to me a couple years ago, and I had it in my office at work for quite awhile before bringing it home. It didn't do well in the house so it ended up outside, still never really growing much or putting out blooms. However this little bloom started in December and finally opened up. Even though it is only one bloom, it was still a beautiful surprise on a rainy day.

The other spot of color in the rain was the Asparagus Fern. I've had this plant a couple years now, and in the winter it is much slower to put new fronds out in the colder temps, but when they do open, they are more pink than green. It makes a nice contrast with the green ones I think. This plant is so easy to care for, and spends most of the time on my partially shady front entrance area. I think it might be about time to put it in a bigger pot though. I can see the little bulbs coming up to the surface of the dirt.

Well every day brings Spring a little closer. I walk my yard with visions of gardening in my head.


J said...

That pink frond is beautiful. What a surprise! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it before.

Anvilcloud said...

It must be great to see these tiny blooms at this time of year.

Deborah Godin said...

Pink! I didn't know they did that!! Must get!!!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Lovely photos - I particularly like the pink frond - it really stands out against the green.

I've just been reading your posts about the Saguaros (hope I've remembered its spelling correctly) cacti. Amazing - 200 years old?!

It's inspiring that you are living your dream that you have had for so long!

Aiyana said...

I don't have Christmas Cactus, but of the ones I've seen, I do like the white-flowered ones the best.
The Asparagus Fern is unusual. I've never seen that coloration before. I used to have one in my yard at my previous residence, and it was a pain because of the debris that collected under it. They are nice as houseplants though. Like you, I'm waiting for spring--but one sure sign of it is the millions of weeds coming up in my yard!