Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We have had a couple of rainy days and nights here in Tucson, not to mention some outrageous winds too. The rain has been nice and my garden enjoyed it too. Here are a few blooms from Easter afternoon.
The little Pomegranate tree only has a few blooms, but the first one cracked open today. The flowers in a fluorescent orange color, and is housed in a little red shell that resembles a tiny pomegranate. I can't wait until the bloom fully opens.

The pink rose bush that came with my home is going crazy with lovely blooms! I am so glad roses are forgiving of butchering.
And a twin set of blooms from the African Iris I bought last summer. It is doing well in the very shady area in the entry way of my home.

Happy Easter to one and all! Hope everyone has their taxes done- I don't! :)

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Phoenix C. said...

These photos are so beautiful. I love the African Iris with the lovely colours.

Happy Easter!