Saturday, April 18, 2009

You could be my neighbor

The house next door to me is up for sale. It was a victim of the mortgage crisis and the price I heard was really low- just barely over 100,000. The house and yard need a new owner- and I could use a new neighbor. Could it be you?
There are rose bushes going up the front walkway that sure need some love from a dedicated green thumb type.

Theres a two car garage and extra room inside.
I've been taking care of a couple of the trees for you. I think this one is a Kumquat- and I couldn't bear to see it die. So I've watered and added compost- it is setting blooms now!

This little apple tree actually set fruit last year but being neglected it never got very big. I had my son clear out the weeds, add soil and compost and I've started watering this one too. When you become my neighbor we can chat over the fence and compare our gardening stories. I'll have to confess the Pomegranate tree but it was ahhh.... errrr....Rescued from certain death. I'll buy you a new one I promise and you can have the first fruit if there ever is any. :)

My last neighbor was a gardener and he put quite a bit of love into his yard, but most of it has died now, and the back yard is overtaken with weeds. It would be nice to gain a neighbor who gardens and give this house an owner who cares. Could you be my neighbor? :)


deedee said...
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Deborah Godin said...

Looks like a very pretty property, I do hope it gets someone to love and care for it soon; someone who will be a good neighbor back to you, too! How sad it is that the owners had to lose it. It's a difficult time.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

How would like having a family of giraffes living next door?! We're very neighbourly and we do like gardening!

Cheryl Ann said...

I would LOVE to be your neighbor, but my daily commute would be way too far! Good luck with your new neighbor! We're looking at a 5 acre lot, completely fenced, with a 4 bedroom, 2 bath HOUSE for $179,000!!! Can you believe it?

Claude said...

if only...

but I'm stuck here for the time being.

you're little mescal seedlings are doing very well, aren't they?

Diane C. said...

Cute house, too bad I'm not in the market for one. It sure would be fun to be neighbors and get the garden going again. So sweet of you to take care of some of the trees. Hopefully your new neighbor will be a plant person.

walk2write said...

If there are jobs to go along with that house, I'm your prospect. Are you a realtor by chance? If not, you should be. You sold me on the garden and neighbor aspects of the property.

Dee said...

Thank you all for your comments! I wish each of you could be my neighbor- especially the giraffe family- now that would be interesting!
I am not a realtor and have no contact with whomever is selling it- I just live next door and water the trees. :)
I did hear that the room behind the two car garage is a dance floor complete with bar- a previous owner owned a bar and recreated it at home I guess.
I've never been inside- but my son has and said it was pretty cool.