Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moonlight bloom

This unnamed cactus was the subject of my first blog posting, almost a year ago. It was left to me by the previous home owners and has grown a good deal in those few years. It put out the first bloom of the season last night. Even after a year of being exposed to all kinds of cacti, this unnamed one is still my favorite. Maybe because it is night blooming which seems so exotic to me, or maybe it is just the beautiful, incredibly large blooms. Either way here she is- first time this year!
Early morning before the bloom...closed up bud.

Mid afternoon- just starting to loosen up and get ready for the big night out!

Close to sundown- almost ready for the show.
8 PM- Open for the night insect business:

And early the next morning-- still open but not for long.

This cactus has at least 9 other buds in progress so I have plenty more night blooms to look forward to. I would love to add other night bloomers to my collection but I don't run across many labeled that way.


Diane C. said...

Fascinating post! In all of my years in Tucson, I've never seen a night blooming cactus. With so many insects and bats flying around at night it seems like there would be more night bloomers. Great photos :)

Phoenix C. said...

What a gorgeous bloom, Dee! I'll ask at the Botanic Garden if they've any night bloomers.

Deborah Godin said...

I loved this, your photos at different time, and then the grand unveiling! Did you see any visitors? Moths maybe?

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

What an absolutely gorgeous bloom! I wonder if it is some type of night blooming cereus. We have a lot of night bloomers here in the Phoenix area. I just have to get out early morning to see them open. Nature is a wonder the way it adapts plants to our desert heat!

Aiyana said...

This is definitely an Echinopsis flower. Hard to know the species, but I would lay odds on Echinopsis.