Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Pyrrhuloxia at the bird-feeder and blooms in the night

I spend a good share of my time at work- so I've put a bird feeder outside my office window, and get a fair amount of birds visit it. I've been noticing this Cardinal-like bird for a few weeks, and his mate visits as well. I did a little checking today and discovered it is a Pyrrhuloxia. Novice birdwatcher that I am, I'd not heard of this bird before but he is a real beauty. My pictures taken through my office window don't do him justice. Wikipedia has much better pictures and a little information too. The Pyrrhuloxia is found in Mexico and the Southern US states. He is from the same genus as the Cardinal. A new camera is in the near future for me and I can't wait to be able to capture better bird pictures with it. These are better if you click them.

And I just have to share some pictures of the big "night bloom" this week. I had TEN! at one time. The scent was heavenly- and the flowers as wonderful as ever. I only wish they would last.

I am fascinated by these flowers- the long stamens and the little wiggly center thing. I am sure theres a name for that---:)

When I took these next two, the following morning, there was a huge buzz coming from one of the flowers. Notice the black in the was one of those great big black bumble bees and I only wish I'd been brave enough to get close to him as he was exiting, but those big bumbles freak me out...I only took pictures timidly as he was buried deep inside the bloom- rolling in that heaven.

Happy Weekend! I am absolutely overjoyed that it is Saturday!!!!


Cheryl Kugler said...

Beautiful pics! What a stunning white flower. Thanks for sharing~

Deborah Godin said...

Those are very exotic, almost other-worldly flowers!

Deb said...

great photos...I have never heard of a does look similar to a flowers are beautiful

Gardeness said...

What a cool bird! And those flowers are gorgeous. Great pictures. I need some more white in the back for the night garden.

Diane C. said...

I love the expression on the pyrrhyloxia's face in both photos. I can't believe all the flowers on your night bloomer. The close-ups are goregeous!

walk2write said...

That bird does look like a Cardinal, only it's as if he's come down a chimney, all dusty looking. The flowers must be favored by some moths to be so lovely at night. Thanks for stopping by!

Aiyana said...

That Pyrrhuloxia is an interesting looking bird. New to me--you have a good eye!
Lovely cactus blooms, and so many!