Monday, June 1, 2009

Orange you glad its Bloomin' Tuesday?

It must have been an "orangy" kind of day yesterday. It seems all the plants had color coordinated their blooms for the first of June. This little "peanut" cactus is an amazing bloomer. It puts out tons of blossoms over and over again. I was greeted with a wonderful flush of blooms on both pots of these cacti yesterday.

The Parodia opened up 4 orange flowers as well!

And the orange Dahlia just keeps putting out bloom after bloom. Here is one that is just about all the way open. I just love how they open their petals one by one.

I met a local gardener and traded a piece of my night blooming cactus, for some cuttings this last weekend. Among the wonderful things I got, were some aquatic Canna cuttings. I've got them on my front porch. My son was intrigued by them and rigged me up this little set-up to get started, with a small fountain pump, one of my silver mixing bowls, and a few other things.

And here is sweet Miss P- she was checking out the Canna flower from inside the house.

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday- to see what is blooming around the world visit Ms "Green Thumb" Jeans.


Diane C. said...

I'm working on an "orange" post too! I love your peanut cactus and orange Dahlia and your fountain set up sure looks interesting.

Jean said...

Dee, I'm lovin' all the orange. The blooms must look spectacular against your desert backdrop. I added you to Mr Linky. Jean

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

Hi Dee,
I have a doggie that looks like yours and a peanut cactus blooming like crazy too. I love my terrier mix Sophie and my orange peanut cactus!

Carol said...

We're retired truck drivers. One of the things we missed in 15 years of crossing and recrossing this beautiful country of ours is...the deserty in bloom. How I wish we'd seen it. The blooms are beautiful, thanks

Anonymous said...

Your cactus blooms are gorgeous Dee and good luck with your aquatic Dahlia. :)

~~Rhonda said...

The cactus blossoms are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your pics. ~~Rhonda

Julie said...

My favorite color: ORANGE!!!!! Beautiful photos! I love your close up cactus pic in your blog title also!!!!!