Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wind and Fury but little rain

Our Monsoon season has begun with some incredible winds, but not much rain yet. Monday night the wind blew so hard, that it pulled over the top pads on my two prickly pears. I think these big cacti probably needed water since I don't give them much additional water, and the strong winds just toppled the heavy pads. I noticed the same thing in other yards as I was driving to work yesterday. I'm not sure if the cactus can repair itself or not- if not I suppose I will need to cut off these top pads.
And the rest are just random sky shots- the sunset last night just blew me away- I thought I had seen the best sunsets Tucson could offer but every direction I turned the sky was a different color and the palette was constantly changing.

The bird area- the light from the sunset made it just shimmer- the pictures don't do the real colors justice- that white cloud behind the tree in the picture below was alight with a golden pink glow.

Clouds coming in over the mountains in the East.

Looking West.

A bit of a rainbow in the North.

And some shots of the sunflowers...a blowing in the wind!

Hopefully the rain part of the monsoon season will pick up soon- the big scary cactus in my front area sure could use some rain!


Teri C said...

Awesome views! I hope our house didn't blow away lol Actually I just heard from my friend that checks and she things were fine.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Lovely shots. I understand what you are saying about your sunset photos and the colors not being done justice. I just returned after six weeks at our house near the Superstitions and was disappointed that I could not capture some of the radiant blues and pinks that I saw in the evening skies. I just love this time of year in AZ!

Your prickly pear will grow back. We prune ours on a regular basis and it always responds. The only water ours gets is from the heavens. :)