Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Sunday wander

Mid August brings lots of interesting things going on in my desert garden. This little Shrimp plant may not look like much, but a couple of months ago, it had only a few leaves, and no blooms at all. It had been in a shady place in the entrance area to my house, where it also competed with olive tree roots for room to grow. I finally pulled it out and planted it on the corner of the house, where it still gets plenty of shade, but a little more sun too, and it isn't competing with anything for root space. I've been amazed at how it is transforming. Lots of new leaves and a few blooms too.

I've also had some trouble with some of the crepe myrtle I've planted. My little red rocket one died this spring, after putting out a huge flush of blooms, none opened and the whole plant died. This little pink one has been slow to bloom but finally I am seeing one open here and there.

The Natchez white crepe myrtle has done the best of the bunch. It has flowered consistently since spring.

I put in a new tumbling pots planter- now I have one at each end of the bed under the Olive tree.

This one is a Sedum morganianum, or "Donkey Tail" It was terrible to plant, every slight movement knocked the little leaves off the plant.

This one is called Crassula lycopodioides or "Watch Chain".

And at the top, a Pachyveria haagei...pretty isn't it?

Remember the little mystery sprout, that Claude recently identified as a Mulberry tree. Well it got its own home in the yard this weekend. I hope the sun isn't too much for it.

And the two little cholla that had sprouted up in its pot, each got their own pot. I really am not sure why I saved these guys, I don't really need more cholla, but they were just too cute to not keep.

Happy Sunday...I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend as much as I am.


PAK ART said...

What kind of cactus is behind your two cholla's? That looks like the one I have in my 3-cactus pot I bought so I could join Cactus Mondays.

Tom Dark said...

Hi Dee,

You know I always have your blog up on my browser! Looking forward to the latest news. XOXOXOX