Saturday, August 8, 2009

August Survivors

Although it has been an incredibly hot and dry monsoon season a little rain came late Wednesday afternoon, refreshing the dry desert just a little. I've also upped the watering I've done to try and help the plants through the summer. I've had quite a few go crispy and die but quite a few others are doing well. Here is my pretty pink Hibiscus soaking in the rain.

I've spent some garden time moving several plants, that were not doing well where they were planted. This Dahlia had been planted in an area with too much sun, and although it grew lots of leaves, it was prone to afternoon wilting and no blooms. I moved it to the side yard, where it will get alot more shade. It looks pretty sad in this picture after being transplanted, but it is standing tall and it will be ok.

Here is the Orange Dahlia, planted in the same place. This Dahlia blooms and blooms although none are currently open. I am hoping that by moving the pink one next to it, I get some blooms from it too eventually.

And my little bean trees...I've got two that have grown amazingly well. The others are in various stages but not as big as these two.

My Red Bird of Paradise is finally blooming. I learned a lesson about these plants, not knowing last winter that I should have cut them back. I cut them back early Spring and they have finally taken off. Here is the first bloom just opening this morning.

And the Baja Fairy Duster- blooms and blooms but sure doesn't get very tall.

Lantana- I've discovered this is just a wonderful flower to grow in this area. A little extra water since it has rained so little and these bloom and bloom.

The Canna I bought are starting to bloom too now, although often the bloom wilts before it can completely open. They are gorgeous though with their purple leaves and orange blooms.

And as I was wandering around the garden taking pictures this morning, I noticed this little dove, not 3 feet from me, enjoying the little seed patty I made and had out for them. The birds are getting fairly used to me being around, but the doves seem the calmest, more interested in getting fed, than in the silly human with the camera.

Happy Saturday!


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Great pics! I love all the tangerine colors in your plant selections. It's such a great color.

Claude said...

I've been thinking about getting some lantana around here... the problem is I don't like the well behaved modern cultivars as much as I like the old-fashioned monster standards... Great blooms you have there.

betchai said...

the hibiscus soaked in the rain is very pretty! you have nice collections of plants and the birds even visit you.

Diane AZ said...

Nice variety of lantanas you have in your garden. I have several purple ones and they're doing better with the heat than most of my other plants. Sweet dove picture!

Deborah Godin said...

What a riot of color! I enjoyed the tour and the notes on the rain, the the desert rhythms.