Thursday, November 5, 2009

November- almost time for tangerines!

The Tangerine tree in the backyard is loaded with fruit this year. It is probably my best producing fruit tree out of the five (grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangerine and orange) that are planted in my yard. I picked a couple to put in the cavity of a roasted chicken but the taste is still pretty sour- they are not quite ready. They are almost completely orange now, thanks to the brief cold snap we had last week.

I can't walk past the Lavender Lady passion vine without snapping a photo or two. Looks like I am having trouble posting to my blog without including one too. :) They are beautiful though and when there was a chance of frost I covered the vine up with a sheet last week- I wasn't ready to give up my passion flowers for the year just yet.
I've not had good luck with this type of succulent before- either the birds eat them, or my son steps on them or they just die. I couldn't resist trying again though when I saw this little guy that had just started to poke out a little bud. He bloomed last week- pretty huh? Now wait and the birds will think it is breakfast- the little Cactus Wrens in my yard seem to enjoy my succulents quite a bit.

And a lovely pink rose- my pink rose bush is just full of buds and blooms this time of year. And they smell delightful too!

Happy November!