Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do Not Disturb- Lizards Sleeping!

The weather last weekend was gorgeous and I just had to get out in the yard and work in the garden or simply go crazy.  I have shown these cement tubes on my blog before, and I got it in my head that I wanted to try growing veggies in them this Spring.  The one in the picture below was not being used, but it was about half full of old dirt, from last years Green Envy Zinnias.  I lugged it around the house and was ready to dump out the old dirt when I noticed....

A little tail-less lizard walking around the rim.  Ooops...looks like it wasn't just old dirt in there after all.  On closer inspection there were multiple (hibernating?) lizards. 

This one looks gross- but it is just dirt- he seemed to "wake up" fairly easy and ran off and hid under a nearby rock.

I gave up on that project until it gets a bit warmer...last thing I want to do is freeze a bunch of lizards by bringing them out too early in the year.  I'll leave that old dirt sit awhile longer.
So what else is going on in my garden? 
The String of Pearls succulent flowers are opening a little more each day.

There are little sunflowers popping up all over the bird area.  Sunflower seeds that don't make it  into bird bellies sometimes become flowers!

My little "Black Tree" succulent has recovered from my 'over-care' and has bounced right back.  I promise to never over water this one again!

My brug has some surprise buds growing on just one side.  The other side lost all the leaves with the cold weather...go figure!

Tiny buds on the purple passion vine:

And a dried flower turning into a little passion fruit perhaps?

A sweet Cactus Wren keeping me company:

This little thimble cactus has little tiny flower buds just waiting to burst open. This was a bloomer last winter

And the huge thing in my yard is that I am finally getting irrigation into the big front area.  I've hose-watered almost 2 years now so it is past time for this.  I'm also getting a neat little path that will wind through the area.  This is a shot of part of the path laid out in the dirt.  It will be lined with rock when done and irrigation to each little plant in the area.

I am counting the days till Spring!!!!


JoyfulGrowing said...

Hello there. I'm a Tucson gardener as well. Would you be interested in trading some off shoots of your suculants for some seeds or an aloe plant?

Deb said...

me too girl...poor little lizards...glad it wasn't snakes...

Aiyana said...

Did you get a lot of rain? I too am waiting for spring, but then, that means it's close to summer. That I'm not looking forward to at all!

Dee said...

Hi Aiyana,
It sure seems like we got alot of rain, but my gauge broke so I'm not sure of exact amounts. I actually am finding I mind summer less since I became a gardener- at least gardening is possible in the summer! :)

lunardancer said...

I have never seen lizards like that before. Upon close inspection, the pattern on its tail and back are really quite beautiful(never mind that icky reptilian face). And your garden plants and flowers are also quite an interesting mix. I bet they would flourish more come spring!