Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Curved-Bill Thrasher visits the feeder

The baby Curved-Billed Thrasher that lives in one of my small Chollas followed Mom (or maybe Dad) out of the nest yesterday and to the feeder.  The baby is really almost as big as the parent at this point but it was obvious it was the baby by the way it fluffed out its feathers, opened its mouth and begged for food until the parent would give in and feed it.  It was wonderful to watch. The pictures were taken through my office window so not the best.  In the first one the baby and parent are on the edge of the red post, with the baby behind with its mouth open and wings flapping.

And another birdy tantrum happening in the picture below.
Weeks half over- happy hump day! :)

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PAK ART said...

These pictures are just wonderful! You get to see that out your office window? Lucky you!