Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anticipation and Morning Glories

While most everything in my garden looks parched, in spite of frequent watering, the Morning Glory vine I planted from seeds my son sent me continues to take over the bird area.  Still no blooms though I've even given it a bit of bloom booster.  The vine is crazily vigorous, taking over the cactus wood and now starting on the bird feeder posts.
The heart shaped one is also going strong, but no blooms there either.

But while I wait and anticipate Morning Glory blooms I bide my time, smelling the Passion Flowers...

"Oh, cut me reeds to blow upon,
Or gather me a star,
But leave the sultry passion-flowers
Growing where they are.
I fear their sombre yellow deeps,
Their whirling fringe of black,
And he who gives a passion-flower
Always asks it back.


rohrerbot said...

I love it!! Morning glory does really well here....and the best part is that it's green:)

Deb said...

my Mom had that problem last year..this year hers is blooming great...