Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bean Tree Blooms at last!

It has been several months since I posted on my blog, but blooms on my baby bean trees have brought me back.  It is hard to believe it has been 4 years since I sprouted the Mescal Bean seeds and started my own little trees. I have tracked their growth in this blog over the years and at last another milestone has been reached.  Two of the little trees have put out buds for the first time!  They are not open yet, but very soon that amazing grape candy scent will be in my yard.   Now if only the nasty worms that come in the summer would leave them alone.  It seems I spend months battling them but the blooms are worth it!

 Winter flowers that are still hanging on.

 I am still picking peppers from the pepper plants I potted up last Spring.
 My "Old Man" cactus is always the first to bloom each Spring.
 This year the little "Old Man" is blooming too!

 These were teeny tiny baby  spiders my NYC pal sent to me last Spring.  They've overgrown their pot and need re-potting.
 Peas planted last Fall.  We've had such a nice winter- they  did well and are producing now.
 One of my Spring bulb gardens, with Hyacinth just starting to come up.  That alligator sure is out of place in the desert!
Happy Spring!


Carole DeAngeli said...

Good to see you back! I like the Texas Mountain Laurels too and always look forward to their bloom, but I haven't tried starting one from seed. You have inspired me! Great photos. I don't know if you have noticed, but Word Verification has gotten much more difficult to decipher. I have removed it from my blog.

Rohrerbot said...

YOU DID IT!!! Congrats! Isn't that the best feeling? I think I had the same reaction when mine bloomed. It was pretty amazing. They're starting several weeks early this year, but I do look forward to the wonderful smells. It's the desert's equivalent of the lilac:)

Carol said...

Love the of my favorite things to photograph when on the boat.