Sunday, May 24, 2020

MaryAnn Is Blooming!

 Long before I knew the correct way to pronounce it, my bulletin board held a picture of a Saguaro (suh-wah-roe) representing my dream of moving to Tucson.  After 20 + years of living here I can name them like a local but I remain in awe of these giants of the Sonoran Desert.  
A few years ago I had the opportunity to adopt my own Saguaro, after hearing of one that needed a new home, and the owner just wanted it moved! I applied for a Native Plant tag and had it relocated to my home.  
I named her MaryAnn, after my mother who passed in 2013.  No - I don't name ALL my plants, but a Saguaro is special and so was my Mama! 

MaryAnn is young as Saguaros go, having not yet developed any arms.  They start developing arms when they are about 15 foot tall and 50-75 years of age! She is about 8 foot tall.  
I don't know if she was blooming at her previous home or not, but this is the first time she has bloomed since coming to live at my house. The blooms open in the evening, and close at the end of the following day.  I am looking forward to fruit so hoping the bats were busy last night. 
 My Heart is overflowing!


It has been forever since I blogged, but thanks to the internet, it was waiting here patiently for me. Sending out love and peace to all on this Memorial Day Weekend 2020! And thanks Mama, for the blessings of Saguaro blooms today.  I love you and miss you! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

...bring May flowers

May brings new delights in the garden every day. Life is busy but I'm out smelling the flowers as often as I can.