Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bridges and Bats

It is a spring and summer tradition to go watch the bats come out at dusk here. There are several bridges that cover dry washes- where thousands of bats are sleeping each day and at dusk they come out and fly off to feast the night away on insects and the like! The first pictures shows them flying out toward the Catalina Mountains. The other is a shot of them emerging from under the bridge. Put it on your list of must see's when you visit Tucson!

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Barbee' said...

Now that would be a sight to see! What do you call a large group of bats? Flock? Swarm? Once while we were visiting a former Shaker village which is now open to the public and has several of the old original buildings, at dusk we watched bats fly out from behind the shutters on each side of the windows. I bet no one knew they were sleeping there during the daytime. I thought it was lovely, much like a link in life. At least it was kind and not hateful like the thorns and spines on your large cactus.