Monday, May 26, 2008


I recently returned from a trip to PA, and I fell in love all over again with the fragrant lilac bushes. The picture is my granddaughter, Kayt, who went along with me.
Having grown up in the Midwest these have always been a favorite of mine, and one I thought I couldn't experience living in Arizona. On the flight home, in a Better Homes and Garden magazine I discovered an article about lilacs, and a couple of varieties that do thrive here were mentioned. I checked out a local nursery and bought a Persian Lilac which will soon join the Mescal Bean Tree on the side of my house- hopefully it does a little better than the Mescal Bean which has lost many of its leaves. I am so excited at the possibility of having lilacs in my yard!

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Barbee' said...

I rejoice with you. Lilacs are a favorite of mine. I named our little stone house "Lilac Cottage", but it needs more lilacs. There could never be too many!