Sunday, May 25, 2008

Six blooms at once

This cactus has often had two blooms show up at once, but this year I had 6 gorgeous white blossoms all open together!
I've been experimenting with Mescal Bean Tree seeds, as after paying $43 for one small tree, and struggling to get it to thrive after transplanting, my hope is to start some from seed. Since they are fairly common in the median areas of some streets in Tucson, I've twice collected seeds but so far I haven't had any luck getting them to sprout. I've tried sanding them, soaking them and nicking them to no avail. I read that they should be collected when the inside seed is just turning pink, so I am waiting another week or so and then I will collect them again for another try.


No Rain said...

Gorgeous cactus flowers. I wish I could identify the genus and species from your photo, but I can't. Any chance you know what it is?
A fellow Cactus lover,

kesslerdee said...

I sure don't! I am just learning as I go along! I inherited this cactus (and many others) when I bought my home. It wasn't doing much of anything until I started giving it regular water and now this year it has several new green shoots as well as an abundance of flowers!

Barbee' said...

Sigh, well I have read all the way to the beginning. I surly enjoyed my visit. Thank you very much for such an interesting blog.

When I was a child, I had a little cactus (don't remember where I got it), it lived in a pretty, little blue glazed pot that sat on the sill of a westward facing window of my parents' sun room. I watered it a little occasionally. It was happy. It bloomed for me with orange flowers. I grew up and moved away... that was the last I saw of it.