Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bean babies

After my bean gathering two days ago, Sunday, I put the seeds in warm water, covered them with a cloth and set them outside in a shady spot. I figured it wouldn't be easy to give them warmth indoors with the cooler running so outside they went. This morning I remembered them and when I peeled away the almost dry cloth, I found almost every small bean had a little sprout started! So my dreams for a Mescal bean family of trees seems as though it might actually come true! I'll give these another day and plant them tonight or tomorrow-
So what I've read is true- the very best time to sprout these seeds is when the seeds are just barely turning red- once you start the soaking process- the seed turns completely red as in the picture above! Click on the picture above and it will open up for a larger view!
The other picture above is the new sprout in the garden- the first picture I posted was almost impossible to pick him out but he is standing up straight and tall now.

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