Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mescal Bean Gathering

With my two recent Mescal Bean Tree babies sprouting in my garden I am more determined than ever to try again- this time in more appropriate pots for later transplanting. So today I went Mescal seed gathering again. Here are the bean trees in the middle of a busy road- I must have looked pretty silly out there to the passing cars! In my head I was planning out what I would say if a Police officer pulled over and asked what I was doing. Is it illegal to pic pods in a public place? Hmmmmm- luckily no one stopped and questioned me!

A close-up of the tree that had the more developed silvery looking pods- these turned out to be the ones that were just a touch red.

Close-up of a tree that had larger, greener pods- these have bigger seeds but were less developed.

Home again with the loot- the Mescal pods and some Mesquite pods I found near my car. I love scavenging for seeds to try!

My first glimpse of red on the seeds after carefully peeling away the outside.

Perfect seeds ready to soak for a couple days- then I am going to try planting these in containers- to be continued...


Aiyana said...

I have 11 Chilean Mesquite trees and we pick up tons of pods every year at this time. I clip off bunches that I can reach before they are ripe to keep more from falling later. I don't need any more trees, so any time I see a sprout--up it comes! Do you ever grind mesquite pods into flour? Down in Tucson there is an organization called Desert Harvesters ( that gives instructions.

Dee said...

They are such beautiful trees- I wish someone had thought to plant some in my yard about 25 years ago!
I haven't tried the flour-thanks for the link.
I constantly pick up after my Palo Verde and an Olive tree in my yard-both are beautiful but so very messy!