Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Morning Surprises

One should never post GTS using Saturday's pictures, without first taking a walk through the garden early Sunday morning! This is a lesson I have learned as this mornings walk certainly brought forth some interesting finds:

The yellow rose from yesterday opened up in all its glory this morning- it reminds me of the sun!
A new deep red rose bud- this one hasn't bloomed before so I am very excited at seeing the first bloom form- it almost looks black!

The new bougainvillea I planted looks gorgeous in the morning light- reminds me of a bridal bouquet! I just love the pale pink and white of this variety.

And lo and behold- can life get any sweeter- ANOTHER baby bean tree just barely peeking out of the earth! I am truly blessed this Sunday morning but the picture just wouldn't turn out- too small I guess!

I also posted a picture of the big brother bean tree- see how I've grown!

And a close-up of the bougainvillea- I love the little flowers within a flower!

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Aiyana said...

What a difference a few degrees makes! My roses still put out buds, but it is so hot they don't open before being fried! Your yellow rose is beautiful!
Happy GTS,