Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday - The first Hibiscus bloom

I was captivated by the beautiful blooming Hibiscus plants last summer and purchased two of them, one orange and one pink. I had them in pots on the patio but they completely died back over the winter and this spring only bare twigs remained in the pots.
I took a chance and planted both of them and they have come back beautifully with the first bloom opening this morning! The bud was just coming open at 6 AM but when I checked back just now it was open full in all its glory!
My dilemma now is how to protect them this winter- presumably they are better off in the ground than in pots so I hope they survive to bloom year after year!
We have been blessed with three good rains so far this monsoon season- the downside is the high humidity- all the doors in my house stick, being so swollen up with water, and the swamp cooler just doesn't cool like it does in a dry heat. Every cracker or cookie in the house got mushy the night of the first rain and the rain does really bring out the big bugs! Still I'd rather have the rain and live with the rest! The weeds are really going crazy- there are a few that look interesting so I might let some grow up a bit and see what they become!
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Jean said...

What amazing pictures! I do love the color! Absolutely beautiful! Perfect Bloomin' Tuesday post! Jean

Deb said...

Gorgeous hibiscus bloom. What an amazing colour!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I love the orange hibiscus blooms. A wonderful sunset color for a desert setting.

Suzanne said...

I bought three hibiscus plants this spring and they have been some of my most beautiful blooms this summer. Yours are so pretty -- love the color!

Laurie & Chris said...

Such a pretty flower and the color is so pretty!

Aiyana said...

This is a beautiful color! It is not the usual red or white that I normally see. My sis has hibiscus, but I haven't had any for many years. I try to avoid as many tropical plants as I can after the hard freeze we had here a couple of years ago. I lost so many things I decided--never again!
p.s. I'm going to add your blog under my AZ Blog list if you don't mind.

Dee said...

Thanks everyone for your comments- the bloom only lasted one day but there are many more on the way!

Aiyana: I'd be honored to be listed on your blog!

Barbee' said...

Gorgeous color. I just sat and looked and looked at it drinking it in. Nice shots!