Sunday, July 6, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday- July 6 2008

I don't really have much blooming this morning in my yard- the two cactus flowers are Saturday's blooms but the little pink rose bud greeted me this morning! We had rain last night- glorious, wonderful rain! It is overcast this morning, with mostly clouds and the yard is full of debris from the Palo Verde and the Oleander- why do some plants seem to shed so much and so often!! I can't begin to keep up with either of them, not to mention the Olive tree that constantly drops leaves and olives (in season) into my front flower bed.

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Farmer G said...

The flower with the raindrops on it is great--nice camera work!

Aiyana said...

At least you had a couple of things to show today! We too have tons of tree debris. Too hot to care myself, but my husband manages an hour every evening--picking up Mesquite beans.
By the way--no rain here! Dry as a bone, and from the forecast, I doubt we'll get any at all this coming week--at least not a my house.
Happy GTS,