Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday- some hopeful newer plantings and an old surprise flower still blooms!

The blooms are few and far between in my Arizona yard, but since we've had good rain lately, most all the plants are looking refreshed and I see buds starting to form again. The picture of the half flower is the last flower from the Rudbekia or Black Eyed Susan that showed up by surprise a few weeks ago. I thought the way only half of the flower developed, was rather interesting. All four flowers this one plant produced are still in bloom which is pretty amazing considering the heat here. Four flowers on one plant, at one time, is really pretty amazing for my garden!
The little purple flowers are Lantana, the Purple Trailing (Lantana montevidensis) variety that I am trying to get going to provide some ground cover where I have only dirt and weeds now- This plant seems to grow like a weed down here so I hope it covers the dirt quickly! I kept it out of the flower beds though, as I don't want it to spread there.

The white and red flowering plant is a "Bleeding Heart", (Clerodendrum thomsoniae) that I have planted in the shady bed right outside my front windows. I have trouble getting anything to really grow in this shady area, and this is a fairly new plant, so although the blooms are pretty now, I hope it continues to do well. I recently removed all but 2 plants from this area, and planted them in sunnier areas of my yard, leaving quite a bit of empty space to try something else.

The last picture is my lone pepper plant with the lone pepper on it! I don't have much for veggies in my yard, but my son brought home this pepper plant and it has been fun watching the pepper grow and mature- I thought it was a Banana Pepper until it started turning red?

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday everyone!
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Aiyana said...

At least you have some blooms! I had to resort to buds on my post (of course I screwed up the link thing--it shows last week's post--something I wouldn't have noticed had I not got comments into that entry.) Your Purple Trailing Lantana will do much better in the fall and early spring. They don't take well to the heat of summer. They will make it through, but mine are always scraggly and ugly from May to October.

Suzanne said...

Love the bleeding heart. I've never seen it in those colors. Stunning!

Jean said...

Love the "half flower"! The center is much larger that the others. I hope they continue to come up for you. The bleeding heart is lovely! I've never seen one like it. You have quite a bit of color going on. Happy Tuesday! Jean

Suzy said...

Very pretty...I have never seen that variety of bleeding heart!

Anne Fannie said...

Hey, not bad for Arizona! Lovely blooms! I like the bleeding heart flower.

Gretchen said...

Just beautiful!

The Apron Queen said...

Nothing better than veggies from the garden! Enjoy the peppers.

Come see my visit to Moody Gardens: http://anapronaday.blogspot.com/search/label/gardening

Meadowview Thymes said...

Beautiful flowers! I love the Rudbeckia--it's my favorite flower!
BTW--I grow banana peppers. If I leave them on too long, they turn red, but it takes quite a while before they turn. I've never used one after it turned--wonder if they get hot??

lucky said...

Great post - love the site!

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