Friday, July 18, 2008

Creepy Crawlies and other garden surprises

The rain has brought out the bugs, big and small! If you look very close at the picture of the cactus you will see the little wood chip like bug sitting in the middle- he really looked as though he were just a chip of bark that had fallen. Do you see the little lobster like insect in the other two pictures? I have no idea what this is but it had the appearance of an ant crossed with a lobster- very strange! He was clinging to my Passion Vine with a few buddies when I came across him. I really don't enjoy this aspect of gardening. I see them in the yard and let out a yelp every time before I gather my senses and snap a picture! Click the pictures for a better view.

The Lantana is really taking off- The three pictures are the flowers in different stages. I planted three varieties of Lantana and the pictures above are "Irene". The flowers are a mix of red, purple and yellow. I also bought the purple trailing and the standard (at least in Arizona) yellow. The yellow which is actually supposed to do the best here, has been the slowest starter, with no new growth since I planted it, although it isn't dying either.

My passion vine, has just gone crazy lately, bursting into buds all over the place! I counted six on this strand alone and I am beyond excited about seeing them all bloom! Here is a picture of a previous Passion flower- are they not amazing?

I planted this Crepe Myrtle just the other day and it has already burst into bloom! I am always concerned about buying a plant with full buds, as more times than not they fall off after transplanting, but this little plant just started right off!

These strange little mushrooms were hanging out in a cactus pot under the Olive tree. They almost look like wood chips don't they?
Every walk through the yard brings something new these days!


Aiyana said...

It's always amazing to me to see what all comes out after the rain. All kinds of new bugs, cactus flowers, and of course, a few weeds. My 'New Gold' Lantana is loaded with flowers now, after looking pretty bad in June. Also, my Queen's Wreath has finally taken hold and growing like your passion vine. Hope to see some flower cluster come September!

Michelle said...

Hi Dee..I didn't know there was a "monsoon" type season in Arizona. I too have a beginning gardener. I wanted to do Green Thumb Sunday, but I can't get the blogroll code to work properly. Your blog roll is good, must be me...Hmmmmm