Sunday, July 27, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday: Dahlia's are delighting me!

Just starting to open at dusk

The next morning- a little bit more!

Later that afternoon- all but two petals are out!

Full blown beauty!

I bought two Dahlia plants a few months ago, and planted them in pots in the area by my front door, where they get a little shade from the big Olive tree and a little sun too, depending on where I move the pots. They were labeled "Happy Single 'Party' Dahlia" and one was peach, the other a pink shade.

At first both were in full bloom, but the flowers soon faded, as they underwent a little shock from the transplanting, and until recently they didn't seem to do very much.

They seem to have recovered now, though this one is ahead of the other, with this first bloom, and many buds growing. According to the tag they bloom continuously so I am looking forward to many more blooms!
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min hus said...

Very pretty! Happy GTS.

garden girl said...

awesome! I'm experimenting with Dahlias this year in a part sun spot. I've had a similar experience. They seem to be coming into their own just now with quite a few buds, after sporadic blooms so far.

Teena in Toronto said...

Nice action shots!

I played too :)

Moe said...

very nice! Happy GTS!

Aiyana said...

This one is a beautiful color! Did you use a special potting mix? I have never tried Dahlia as I thought they wouldn't do well in the intense heat. Yours looks very lush and healthy!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh wow... I just have to say, this is absolutely fantastic! I love the sequence of your photos here... very nice! You did a really nice job!!!
Mountain Retreat Photos

Dee said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! Aiyana: I used a normal Miracle Grow Potting soil for them and I don't leave them in direct sun for long periods- I've tried to rotate their location a bit.

Sweetie said...

Your different phases shots are unique. They are really pretty.