Saturday, July 12, 2008

Walls of Tucson Arizona

One of the big things on my "Wish List" is a wall around my property, to replace the chain link fence. In my travels around town I've accumulated pictures of a variety of walls around Tucson Arizona.
There is everything from a wall made out of old rubber tires and glass bottles, to a living fence wall made from the Ocotillo cactus Which is your favorite?

kesslerdee's Walls Tucson Arizona photosetkesslerdee's Walls Tucson Arizona photoset

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Aiyana said...

I really like numbers 4 and 8 the best. I always wanted a courtyard wall, but it is against the HOA rules. I like #8 because it is high, and also painted. I have 8' block walls that surround my property except in front and I've been wanting to get the inside block painted, but because our property sits on 3/4-acre the cost is quite high. I would love to have walls painted purple or fuschia or orange, but in the end, I'd get he same color as my house--sort of a grayish beigy purplish brown.