Sunday, September 7, 2008

Early September morning in my desert garden

I was up early, watched the sun come up and then took a walk outside about 6:30 AM. Here is an overall shot of the bird area. Of course the minute I stepped outside the birds all flew away. I am tempted to remove the screen from my office window so I can get some good bird pictures! The snail plant at the bottom of the bird contraption is a little worse for wear, with the birds trampling it and it having a bit of transplant shock but it is coming along, and will rebound better than ever I hope!

The "Texas" Lantana is taking off.

And finally, at long last the "Cape Honeysuckle" is starting to bloom. This is one of the older plants I have, actually planted over a year ago. I have seen them in bloom all over town, and wondered what I was doing wrong with mine, when it finally started sending out buds the other day. It has grown like wild, and I probably need to prune it back but for now wild is fine, and I will definitely enjoy the bright orange flowers. Look close at the first one, and you can see some shiny black beetle like bugs connecting in a buggy kind of way. There are also a couple of them running down the stalk portion. I am not sure what these are but they are running rampant on this plant and don't appear to be doing it harm. That I can see anyway. Guess I should do some research.

And last the "Texas Sage" is in full bloom again, following a rainy week. I thought the flowers were just gorgeous in the morning sunshine.
Happy Green Thumb Sunday everyone!

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5 comments: said...

Hi there!
I'm new to GTS :)

Love your desert garden, something very unusual for me... I'm in Northern Italy. :D

We've also found tons of little bugs on certain flowers in our garden but I noticed from my photos that the flowers were actually looking beaten up over a few days so I sprayed them with a very mild mixture of water with a drop of dish-washing liquid - they stopped visiting those flowers very fast and they thrived after that!

I hope you're having a super Sunday!!

Rosemary said...

beautiful garden to wake up to.

Aiyana said...

I'm going shopping for some red lantana in two weeks. I have several dead plants--happens every summer--and I want to replace the 'New Gold' with some red. I'll look for 'Texas'.
Happy GTS,

Deborah Godin said...

Such rich colorful tube flowers, are the hummers crazy for them?

Kerslyn said...

that exactly reminds me of our garden back home and our school garden during grader years.