Sunday, September 28, 2008

An unlucky caterpillar and my first "real" Crepe Myrtle bloom

I noticed this little guy late in the day. I have tried to keep the caterpillars off my passion vine but I have obviously not been completely successful. Figuring his eating days were over, I let him be to make his cocoon.

The next morning, this is what I found. It looks like something came along and took a bite out of him when he still had about a half of a cocoon to make. I have quite a few ants patrolling this vine so I wonder if that is what happened. It hasn't changed since, and I doubt I'll see a butterfly come from this.

Next is my first bud opening on my Centennial Spirit Crepe Myrtle. I had some earlier buds, but they opened shortly after I bought the plant. This is the first one that counts!

This mystery vine continues to grow tall and strong. And the same thing seems to be popping up in other flower beds as well as you can see from the next picture. I still can't figure out what they are- help anyone?

Here is one of the babies sprouted up in a front flower bed.

This poor cactus got bumped and one of the arms got broken off on both ends. I planted one and and the other seems to have sprouted some babies- I was sure smiling when I discovered these!

Happy Green Thumb Sunday!

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Rosemary said...

loved the shot of the crepe myrtle , not so much of the caterpillar, such is nature!

Aiyana said...

I think your mystery plant looks like the same plant that appeared in a pot at my friend's house earlier this year. It probably came from a seed dropped by a bird, and it ended up filling the whole pot. It was quite attractive and full--and eventually had yellow flowers. We never did figure out what is was. See this post to see if you think it looks the same.


Julie said...

Your cactus looks pretty cool with the new growth! Very exciting!

Deborah Godin said...

Can't help about the mystery plant, that's a real stumper, but I loved seeing the photos of the unfortunate little caterpillar.

i beati said...

quite different sandy