Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Red Rocket explosion and Sunday morning bird tales

My Red Rocket Crape Myrtle has burst into it's very first bloom. I am just thrilled with how this little plant has taken off and I can just see it 5 years from now- it will be a beautiful addition to my big front area.
It was eerily quiet this morning outside my office window. I normally have a real noisy bunch of birds out there feasting away. I went into the backyard and could hear a huge chatter of birds coming from the Oleander bushes, but none seemed to want to come and eat. I stepped out the front door and saw the birds lined up on the telephone wires, watching but not coming down.
My son came in and told me there were two huge blackbirds swooping around the area. I didn't get any close-up pictures but a few with a zoom on. They hung out in the area, flying between Cyprus trees, for about 20 minutes and then they both flew away. They were beautiful birds, and huge- my pictures really don't do them justice. Click on them for a better view.

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The Tile Lady said...

Great pictures of the crows! And your crape myrtle is looking wonderful!

Lifecruiser said...

We don't even have those over here. Not like those. Beautiful! I love birds too.

Ladynred said...

What a lovely flowers! I love the name Crape Myrtle!

Aiyana said...

Your Crepe Myrtle is really pretty. I went plant shopping this past Sunday and looked for one--no luck. I also love blackbirds, and occasionally have one or two swooping in now and then. They're not like doves--they seem to be less comfortable hanging around than doves do. I agree they are quite striking--big and black!