Monday, November 3, 2008

The pups are ready for Fall

Obviously my dogs are not good at sniffing out nocturnal rabbitty visitors but they do look awful cute hanging out in their fall sweaters. They actually seem to like wearing them. I'll ask them "Do you want to put your jacket on?" and they are right there for it.
The picture below shows Miss P and Lucy Roo. Miss P shows off her "Wheres Waldo" look while Lucy prefers a more conservative style.

Miss P is obviously ready for Valentines day a little early in her heart sweater. The new pink lizard toy didn't even last 24 hours before she had the fluffin pulled out of it! I can't seem to find a dog toy that will outlast her even a week it seems!


tina said...

The rabbits might be bigger than your dogs, not sure I'd want to sniff them out. But they sure are cute in those sweaters.

Deborah Godin said...

Maybe if you got some rabbit shaped toys to practice on....?

Julie said...

Cute little puppies in their sweaters!!! Good luck with a chihuahua rips them open the same way and pulls out all the stuffing. There is no hope!!!

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

Hi Dee,
I just have to tell you I have a little Yorkie/Silky Terrier mix named Sophie who looks just like your Miss P. She has a sweater too but has not had it on yet. It is warmer in Phoenix!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hi! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!
I saw this post of yours and had to comment - your Miss P. looks just like my farm pup Roxy after she's had a haircut. Of course, Rox is whitish instead of brown, but the face and body look quite similar!
Looks like you've got the photography bug, too! Very pretty! I'll be back :-)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ooops, forgot to mention that my Roxy is a mix of Cairn Terrier (feisty) and Shih Tzu (lap dog) - an interesting combo, to say the least!