Monday, November 3, 2008

Bloomin Tuesday- November in my desert garden

I am really enjoying the slightly cooler weather and watching as the garden goes through Fall changes. Although I had some plants last Fall, I had only a handful and I didn't have the focus on my garden then, as I do now, so this feels like my first Fall gardening experience.
It can get fairly cold here but so far the days are still warm with much cooler nights. The average this week was 90s in the day and 48-50 overnight. I can't decide if I need the cooler or the heater but the garden seems to be thriving! When I lived in colder states, I would so dread the cold and ice and snow. I feel so blessed to be enjoying the sunshine and living in the place that is right for me.
Here are some pictures from my November garden. Hope you enjoy the little tour!
The Dahlia keeps putting out blooms- this plant has been incredible all summer long! It's mate, the pink variety didn't make it. I don't understand how two plants, bought together and treated the same could have such different results.

The little Baja Fairy Duster- another amazing little plant that is just bloom bloom bloom ever since it went into the ground.

The pink and orange Hibiscus both continue to bloom. Doesn't the pink one below look like a lipstick?

The Lavender Lady Passion Flower below has blooms that seem to want to shoot into the sky. They are actually lasting a few days now that the weather isn't so hot. The white Passion Flower isn't blooming currently but seems to be concentrating on sending out growth at every possible angle. It also has a couple of good sized caterpillars that I've let munch away, figuring I may as well share a little of the vine which is starting to be quite large indeed. Hopefully they will make their cocoons where I can watch! If they only knew what fame awaited them on the internet!

I'm not sure what kind of cactus this is in the picture below- I bought it before things like proper names mattered to me. Anyone know? This one bloomed in the summer and seems to be putting a new round of blooms out.

The little Blue Plumbago plant I bought is just blooming like crazy. I love this plant- it never missed a beat when being transplanted from pot to ground. I am thinking I need to plant more of these next year. I'd love to see it all over the fence!
The Sky Flower is gorgeous. I am anxiously awaiting the little golden fruits to form. This is another plant that has really impressed me with the way it took off right after planting.

See what is growing up around the bird feeders? This is one of three, and I think they are Sunflowers, sprouted from bird seed gone astray! I hope it doesn't get real cold and wipe these out!

The Lantana is just beautiful. The Texas variety is the first picture below. This plant has done really nicely and the yellow/orange/red colors are just striking. The next is the Purple Trailing Lantana. I have this in a couple places in my yard, and the area that gets afternoon shade is doing the best. The plants in full sun seem a little scraggly but still blooming some. The last picture is New Gold Lantana- one of the first blooms on some tiny plants I planted in August. I've got these mingled in with the purple variety in a sunny area.

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racquel said...

You have alot of lovely blooms in your garden this week Dee. They must love the cooler temps at this time of the year. My Dahlias didn't do well this year, the drought was too much. Yours is a pretty shade of orange.

Grammy said...

I love your blooms, I only have 1 left.
Happy bloomin Tuesday

Sweetie said...

Your blooms are absolutely beautiful. The Baja Fairy Duster is particularly interesting.

Darla said...

How impressive. You have some neat flowers there.

Jean said...

I envy you all your beautiful blooms! The purple lantana and the sky flower are amazing! Of course I love the color of the orange hibiscus! The faire dusters are adorable! Love it! Great post, you make up for us that have no blooms! Jean

Wendy said...

I enjoyed the tour around your garden. Particularly since my garden showed only moss and leaves. Everything else has gone for the winter.
Loved your fall colours.

Aiyana said...

Great photos. I completely forgot about Bloomin' Tuesday today--now that I've gone through most everything in my garden I post less often, and time gets away!
The Dahlia is just beautiful. All your flowers look great. The cactus looks like a Gymnocalycium species. I'm surprised it's blooming this late. All mine are through for the season.

Julie said...

Very nice array of blooms!

Laurie and Chris said...

All of your blooms are so pretty.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Your photos are beautiful!

The Tile Lady said...

All of your flowers are just stunning! That dahlia and the hibiscus...well, they are all beautiful! Great photos!