Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brugmansia blooms at last

At long last, my little Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet) has bloomed! I bought this little Brugmansia last summer and it bloomed until fall, and then lost most of its leaves over the winter. This Spring, I re-potted it in a half whiskey barrel and although it has grown tremendously all the little buds that formed dropped, until this last round. There are 4 blooms on this first flush. The blooms start our yellow, turn white and then pink as they open. The pink deepens after the flower first blooms.
I babied this little tree through the winter here and by next fall I will have 4 cuttings to take from the main tree- anyone want to try a brug?
Here is the little tree-compare it here from last September.

The flowers don't open up fully until evening and then it as if they are lifting their skirts high to invite the bugs in. And the scent- it is wonderful, drifting along the front patio. It is a combination citrus and powdery scent.

This flower is on its second night of blooming- notice the pink color has deepened and it has a little wilting around the edges.

Brugmansia come in a wide variety of colors and some have double blooms. I have only seen this very common variety in my local nursery but I am tempted to do some online searching as I know there are so many others available. The problem becomes where to put them- they do much better in Tucson with a good deal of shade during the hot afternoons, and my yard is definitely getting full in the shaded areas.
My two oldest Pies are here visiting me so I have a couple days off this week to spend with them, gardening and is going to be a wonderful time!


Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

Hi Dee,
I would love to try a brug when you have extras. I can find a shady spot here in my yard in Phoenix. The flowers are so beautiful and the scent is sure a bonus!

Outside In said...

Really Nice! I can't wait for mine to grow and bloom.

T said...

I would love to have one of those lovelies - but I have the feeling it wouldn't fair well during the winters here in MD.

The shots are great!

Pudgeduck said...

Dee, I will try to find one at a locale nursery-I'm old and need one larger!! I hope it will grow in the valley, it sounds perfect!!!!

Dee said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.
Nancy- I think Fall is the best time to take cuttings but I'll do some reading on it and contact you through Facebook when I have some.

Pudge-you make me smile! I found this little one at the big orange store last summer. If you look online at the other colors available though you will never be able to decide!
T- actually people do grow them in the North. I'm part of Daves Garden (Online garden website) and there are Brug nuts from all over. They just keep them in a pot, or some even dig them up and overwinter them inside- either in a sunny room, or a cold basement.