Sunday, June 28, 2009

June Blooms and other garden delights

Want to take a trip through my desert garden and see what blooms in June? Come along with me....
I love the way the Dahlias open up, each stage having its own beauty. Here is that steady blooming orange dahlia of mine, just ready to raise her head and open her petals.

And a shot from the side.....

Here is a picture of my little Baja Fairy Duster. This little plant has done well from the start and always has a few little flowers open.
My "Fuzzy Navel" cactus put out 4 lovely little night blooms. 3 bloomed the first night, 1 the second night.

My two Pansy plants were faithful bloomers all winter long, providing me with hundreds of flowers which I dried and have saved to do something crafty with. My Mom makes pictures, bookmarks and other neat things with dried Pansy blooms. Once it started getting hot I put the two plants in a shadier area and I am still getting some pretty blooms.

This pot holds a mystery sprout that came up last year in another pot. I had to smile to see the two little chain-fruit Cholla fruits that dropped into the pot when it was under the Cholla tree. They have both sprouted into little Cholla plants. I'm not sure what I'll do with them- these Cholla are wicked when grown, but these little guys are just plain cute!
I never did find out what my mystery sprout was. It has lots of leaves but has never bloomed.

The 3 Passion Vines are in constant bloomers, and their long vines have grown wild around my office window and up the bird feeder area. This next picture is the last one I planted. It had a little transplant shock but it got over it quickly and seems very healthy and vigorous now. The leaves seem to take the sun better than the Lavender Lady passion vine. That one has lots of sunburn but this little vine stays nice and green for the most part.

I planted green "Envy" Zinnias in several different areas, including in this cement tube my neighbor gave me. I have it under the bird feeder and they have done better here, than in the flower pot near the front of my home. Some of these actually have more than one outer row of petals. They still are not full and lush as expected. The Arizona heat is hard on flowers. Still they look green and pretty next to the bird feeders.

And lets take a walk to the backyard now and check out the little oranges on the orange tree. They are growing quickly- I can't wait to taste them!

And remember the little "rescued" Pomegranate tree? It has 3 Pomegranates growing- here are two that look like twins!
And my experimental Rhubarb plant- experimental because I don't think Arizona is ideal rhubarb country but I can just taste that Fresh Rhubarb Cake recipe I used to win purple ribbons with at the state fair in South Dakota.

I planted a few different kinds of Sunflowers and some did better than others. I thought this one was a "Teddy Bear" Sunflower- but it doesn't look quite like the other Teddy Bear Sunflowers which are fuzzier in the center. Check out the last sunflower picture below to see them side by side.

And almost every day I see the little lizards that like to climb my Olive tree- here is one doing his daily push-ups! Click to get a better view.

And my beloved Brugsmania...two drying blooms.

Meeting a fellow Tucson gardener and bringing home some Canna cuttings got me going with my first little pond set-up. I have plans to expand this but haven't found the time yet.

And the aquatic Canna were inspiration for some normal dirt grown Canna that I planted on the side of my house.

My Hibiscus which are two years old now, put out bloom after bloom. I love the pink ones when they are just ready to open -they are so graceful!

Heres to June- its been a wonderful month in the garden. July should bring monsoon rain and lots of thunder and lightening shows too if we are lucky!


Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

I'm "green with envy" looking at all your plants. They are wonderful. My pansies are all gone and my zinnias look brown and dried up. The birds ate the sunflower seeds I planted so I never got any to grow. Finally I got a fuzzy navel cactus this spring and all the buds dropped off. I guess I watered when I shouldn't have.

Claude said...

Wonderful blooms... You don't think of flowers when you think of Arizona, but ya'all just keep proving me wrong...

BTW - your mystery sprout looks a whole lot like a Mulberry Tree Seedling. I'm pretty sure of it, actually... no doubt it was dropped by a bird.

Julie said...

That Fuzzy Navel cactus is awesome! I have not seen those blooms before! Thanks for showing!

Diane C. said...

It is amazing all these flowers you manage to grow in the desert like Dalias, Brugsmania, and Hibiscus. Those green Zinnias are so cute, I might try growing them next year. Great shot of the lizard doing push-ups.