Saturday, July 18, 2009

The fruits of my passion

My Passion Vines thrive while many of my other plants wilt or fry in the desert heat. This one is growing up over the security bars on my office window and had started to try and grow in to the cracks where the window meets the frame, so I pulled it away at the top and started training it along two strings of twine that stretch from the security bars, over to the top of the bird feeder. The vine is growing crazily now along these strings, crossing over and making a little canopy. I was delighted to find two little passion fruits the other day- so far I've had hundreds of flowers but no fruit since the little empty one that was on the vine when I purchased it over a year ago.

I drove home from Maricopa last night in a huge sand and wind storm. Two semi's ahead of me collided which was scary, but no one else hit them. I got home to some rain and I can almost hear the weeds growing outside this morning. :)


Claude said...

Thanks to the lovely caterpillars... my passionflowers are a mass of green sticks. Not one leaf, not one flower... certainly not any fruit. Oh, well, next year I'll get out the sevin dust... I like the butterflies, but not that much!

Aiyana said...

Your passion vine is really doing well. My lilac vine is struggling along, and the cat's claw can't seem to take hold. I'm so disappointed in my vine experiences so far. I think trying to plant vines on hot block walls just won't work here in the Phoenix area.


Kathiesbirds said...

I have a passion vine growing in my yard now and I love it, but I did not know it could make fruit. Do all passion vines produce fruit?