Saturday, July 25, 2009

The saga of the spiders...Chapter Two: The spiders get new homes

Last year my dear friend who lives in NYC sent me two little spider babies from her houseplant. They have come quite a long way, and were recently planted alongside my house, in their own cement tubes...I hope they do well planted this way...we will see.

One of them is quite a bit larger than the other with many babies, but both are doing well, and enjoying being desert spiders. They have great memories of the big city though...they tell stores about the views of the Empire State Building they had...and how their home was way up in the sky! Their stories keep those baby spiders entranced during the long hot desert afternoons. I've seen the butterflies pause and listen too....
Happy Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

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Deborah Godin said...

Oh whew! I (who has been awarded the tiara and sash of Miss Arachnophobia in perpetuity) thought from your post title, that you were talking about the real thing. Even after reading the first sentence, I was still being cautious. And amazed. Why would anyone send spiders cross-country (or across the street, even?) Ladybugs, yes I get that, but...spiders?! Now, after reading a bit more, and seeing the photos, I'm totally laughing (at myself). Hope your new PLANTS do well!