Friday, September 18, 2009

Visiting the past in South Dakota

I really enjoyed my visit back to my home town in South Dakota with my dear Mother. I have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things since I got home and haven't had time to get any garden posts up. However here are some pictures from my visit to Mitchell SD. This first one is wild turkeys- my brother has some that visit his home by the river every evening. At dusk they all fly up and roost in those big trees. Talk about entertainment! If it wasn't for that thing called winter I might be tempted to move back home for sights like these!

I got brave while I was home, and went and knocked on the door of the house I grew up in...this was home to me as a child, and it looks pretty much today like it looked back then, except for the trees are about 30 feet taller than I remember them! I guess time has marched on just a bit!

My dad built a fireplace in the backyard when I was a kid, and the remains of it were still there.. It looks like it has been a planter in recent history, but nothing was planted there now. I have so many memories of 4th of July celebrations, and marshmallows roasting over the fire. Sparklers...sprinklers...cats..chickens...ahhhhh childhood!

In the cement I found my dads initials- WK and the year he poured the cement base- 1966! I was 5 years old!

And here is my sweet mother- she will be 87 this winter!!!

Since it has been so very long since I lived in SD, the normal 'weeds' were interesting to me. I found this black eyed susan along the road.

Milkweed and Cat-tails!

My brother who still lives in my home town took me on a bit of an adventure while I was there. We visited a Hutterite Colony and had dinner with some friends of his who belong to the colony. As a child I had seen Hutterite people at times, but I had no real idea of what they were like, or what their lives were like. Wikipedia has a great page of information if you are interested. They are simple people who make all of their own goods- right down to the huge steel grain elevators. They really have an amazing history and they were incredibly welcoming and gracious when I visited. Here are a couple pictures from the Colony. They raise Jersey cows for milk.

They also have a huge turkey business. This building with some 8000 turkeys reminded me a bit of the movie Chicken Run!
Moses and Sarah - and their sweet pup!
And lastly here is a picture of my hometown icon- the Worlds Only Corn Palace!!!! Every year colored corn is used to create picture panels on the outside of the building. It really is pretty cool although I always thought it a bit 'corny' when I lived there.

It was so hard to say goodbye to my sweet mom, but it was also incredibly good to see Tucson and my home again. As sweet as my childhood memories are...I am definitely home sweet home in Arizona.


Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

It is so interesting to hear of your trip back to your childhood home! It reminds me of when I go back to central NY to mine. Also, I loved seeing the pictures because I know so little about SD. I feel at least a little better informed now...and, boy, those turkeys are something and the beautiful river too!

Deb said...

wow what a fun trip...going down memory lane..thanks for sharing with us