Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sweet Sweet September

September has brought some cooler weather, and some rain and stepping outside early early this morning, seeing the moon framed between two palm trees, I felt truly blessed to be living here in this time and place.

My desert garden seems magical to me. The plants have responded to the additional water with blooms and growth. When the rain didn't come I watered them extra, and it has paid off. My little Stapelia put out its very first bloom. This was one of several gifted to me by a local gardener and I am thrilled to get a bloom. I don't know what variety-anyone know?

I spent some time last weekend getting all the potted plants cleaned up a bit- olive leaf debris taken out of the pots and some soil freshing done. I gathered them all together in one place, under the Olive tree.

I took apart the washtub pond I had set up with Canna in it. The Canna were not doing well and I found I didn't have the time to mess with water quality etc. The Canna got planted in the dirt and I turned the washtub into a little fountain. No plants for now. The stock tank pond is also on hold until I can get a handle on my time.
The little Sky Flower I accidentally cracked is surviving, and putting out blooms. Tough little guy!

My Topsy turvy tomato grower has the first teeny tiny tomato on it. It has been interesting as the plant has turned back upright- growing up not down. Is this expected I wonder? It is putting out blooms though so hopefully the tomato's are a coming soon. My little garden tomato plants are long done for and I am craving fresh tomato's.

I put in some Blue Plumbago in the big front area- they are blooming and looking pretty good.

The barrel cactus keeps putting out blooms- I just adore these-their red is soo red!

I've got big black ants busily excavating a home in the big area too. So far I am more interested in watching their building than in getting rid of them. That could change. They are beyond industrious- working even after dark, bringing up piece after piece of gravel and pilling them high around the nest.

All 3 passion vines are flowering...

This one is racing across the twine to the bird feeder. I wonder if it will make it before the twine breaks.

The Desert Petunia puts out hundreds of flowers that last a day and die, with others lined up to take their place.

The blooms on the Shrimp plant get a deeper red as the plant matures.

The Red Bird of Paradise is majestic in the early morning sun.

A bee finds it pretty wonderful too.
The little balloon flower is putting out a whole new flush of buds. It was quiet during the hot days but it is responding to cooler nights.

The pink coral vine I planted last summer is so gorgeous. I can't wait till it covers the fence!

The Desert Bird of Paradise is enchanting with the way each stamen turns into a seed pod. By the time the top of the bloom has opened the bottom blooms have turned into pods. Truly amazing to watch the progress as the layers of buds open each day.

The Desert Honeysuckle planted a month or so ago is putting out first blooms.

The Lantana put out a never ending variety of colors and patterns. And to think I used to think Lantana were boring..they change every day. I'm starting to want one of every color which is ridiculous...:)

And last but not least, the baby bean trees are all doing very well. This is one of the biggest, but even the smallest is growing nicely now. It is starting to look like the year and a half of water and care will be worth it in the end.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I am heading off to Mitchell South Dakota for a visit with my dear sweet Mother. Have a safe and happy weekend!


PAK ART said...

Many years ago I lived in Yuma, AZ for a winter. Your pictures remind me so much of the gardens around homes. I didn't know how to drive back then, so I biked everywhere which gave me time to look at all the plants in everyones yards. I loved it! Thanks for the memories!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Desert conditions offer cactus as a gift. They do bloom beautiful though some are quite small.... You do have lot of pots for cactus. The moment I see passion vine, I thought what a beauty!! exquisite.

Diane AZ said...

Looks like a lot happening in your garden. I love that unusual little Stapelia and I didn't know shrimp plants could grow here. I have some desert petunas in my yard; I only bought one plant and now I have many. Enjoy your time in South Dakota!

Pudgeduck said...

Have fun in South Dakota!! Your garden is wonderful!! Mine won't look that good untill Oct! Can't wait for that!

Kathiesbirds said...

Your garden is lovely. I really like the first photo and agree with its sentiment! I, too, have purple passion vine and blue plumbago. I love them both and I love living in the Tucson area!

Deborah Godin said...

This really delights my northern eyes - like a visit to another planet almost! Amazing blooms!!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

That moon picture is absolutely stunning - love it!

What amazing plants you have - I love the desert honeysuckle particularly and the red blooms on the barrel cactus.

Aiyana said...

Looks like your cactus collection is as large as mine! It's a sickness, I think. Everything in your garden is beautiful right now. My Queen's Wreath doesn't even have one bloom yet, and I don't have the color you do. That 10 degree difference in temps must make all the difference!
Hope your trip was good.