Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall colors on my Bottlebrush Tree

The little "Bottlebrush" tree I bought to grow tall in the middle of the big front area of my yard, is starting to put out pretty new growth in lovely fall colors. I'm not sure if the colors are normal on new growth, or if they have been caused by our cooler night temps but they sure are lovely. I planted this little tree a few months ago, and this is the first real noticeable growth on it.
This one was taken with a flash.

Here is the entire little tree. It really isn't very big yet but I believe they are fast growers so I'm looking forward to that. Notice the little clump of yellow wildflower weeds growing next to it. I didn't have the heart to pull them out.

Another taken with flash

Happy Saturday! I am heading up for a little pie-time today with my sweetie-pies!


T said...

I love seeing the differences in your falls vs. mine!

Interesting tree - the fuzziness of the leaves intrigue me!

Diane AZ said...

I have a small bottlebrush tree/bush. It hasn't bloomed in years, but I do enjoy the new leaves that always start out reddish in color and soft to touch.

Julie said...

This is a really cool little plant! I have never seen it before! Love the new growth color! I like that big rock in the photo, too....we don't have things like that here in south Florida!!!

PAK ART said...

Maybe when the snow flies here I will come down for a visit. I know you don't know me, but I'm nice and I'm craving some warmer weather!

I get to go to VA in early November for my "pie" time - except I call them my little punkins.

walk2write said...

It's a beautiful little tree and so are those yellow flowers. Glad you left them to grow. I was just remarking to SAM that our grass is full of tiny wildflower blooms, and I wouldn't have it any other way. A "perfect" lawn or flower beds are not for me.